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A conversation with Kathy Timko, Senior Vice President and Head of LNPA Services at iconectiv

Where does onboarding stand?

More than half of current NPAC users have started registration and are preparing for the transition. We encourage unregistered users to begin the registration process as soon as possible. The success of the transition is dependent on full industry participation.

When will the transition be finished?

We are on track to complete the transition in the second quarter of 2018, with a final acceptance date in May 2018. iconectiv shares responsibility for the launch of the NPAC with the incumbent LNPA and the industry at large. Full cooperation from all parties is critical to ensuring a timely transition.

How is iconectiv preparing to be the next LNPA?

iconectiv is a global leader in number portability and has been preparing to be the next LNPA for years. We are working closely with the North American Portability Management (NAPM) and Transition Oversight Manager (TOM) to develop a secure and cost-effective NPAC solution. Onboarding is underway and industry testing began on May 15. We also offer a series of user education resources. Please visit our Resources page for a transition overview.

Who is required to register?

All NPAC users are required to register for the iconectiv NPAC. Registration is open for Service Providers (SP), Service Bureaus (SB), and Providers of Telecom-Related Services (PTRS), users who engage in the business of telemarketing, and users of the Enhanced Law Enforcement Platform (ELEP). Please visit to begin the registration process, if you have not already done so. 

What are the most crucial components of the transition? 

 The most crucial transition activities include user registration, industry testing and data migration of the current data into the new NPAC.