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FCC Conditionally Approves Telcordia as Next LNPA...

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission today conditionally approved a recommendation that Telcordia Technologies Inc. serve as the next administrator of the service that allows consumers and businesses to keep their phone numbers when switching carriers, called “local number portability.” 

Local number portability fuels competition by allowing consumers and businesses to choose their phone provider based on cost and service, without the inconvenience and expense of losing a familiar number. In addition to the porting of over 100,000 numbers a day, the capabilities built around local number portability are critical to public safety, law enforcement and consumer protection. 

The recommendation of Telcordia as Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) was developed following a multiyear, competitive process implemented by the FCC’s federal advisory committee on numbering, the North American Numbering Council, with oversight from the FCC. This process included extensive input from industry, consumers, and public safety and government entities, resulting in the recommendation of an experienced, qualified company to administer and keep the system secure. 

Neustar, Inc. and its predecessors have administered number porting since 1997, starting with a five-year contract that was extended three times. The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau in 2011 issued an Order detailing a process to award the LNPA contract through a competitive process. The process was supported by Neustar, Telcordia, and others, and included evaluation of technical and managerial competence, security and reliability, public safety and law enforcement considerations, cost-effectiveness and neutrality. The process required bidders to respond to questions about service quality and system security and reliability. It also required bidders to describe how they would ensure a smooth and secure transition, including by providing opportunities to test any proposed system. 

The Order today does not award a contract. Rather, it authorizes contract negotiations between the NAPM (North American Portability Management, LLC), which is an industry consortium, and Telcordia. The negotiated contract will be subject to Commission review to ensure that the neutrality and security requirements are fully satisfied. 

Action by the Commission March 26, 2015, by Order (FCC 15-35). Chairman Wheeler, Commissioners Clyburn, Rosenworcel and Pai with Commissioner O’Rielly approving and concurring in part. Chairman Wheeler, Commissioners Clyburn, Pai and O’Rielly issuing statements. 

Docket No.: 09-109