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Criminal investigations can hinge on tracking down telephone information. Lawbreakers often take advantage of number portability by swapping telephones numbers from one Service Provider to another in order to evade detection. This can significantly hamper and delay investigations.

In the United States, the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) is the definitive source of up-to-date information disclosing which Service Provider owns a telephone number. Authorized Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel who need this data for their investigations can quickly access that information via the Enhanced Law Enforcement Platform (ELEP) or qualified companies that are not law enforcement entities can serve as an ELEP Clearinghouse, which then allows users to access phone number data, and provide it directly to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Both options provide instant, accurate and authorized telephone number data, available via an always-on, direct web-based interface or through an intuitive application programming interface (API). For ELEP Clearinghouse the data is also available through a push interface.

To bolster the investigation efficacy, ELEP streamlines the way to obtain the most accurate telephone number data to aid in your investigation while ensuring it is always a secure and seamless process. ELEP leverages power and reach of the NPAC to provide the critical information you need, at the moment you need it. 

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Subscribers of the ELEP service must login to access the secure portal. Once logged in, users can access telephone number information, which includes whether the telephone number has been ported as well as the current Service Provider of a specific telephone number or range of telephone numbers. The porting history of the telephone number and the Service Provider’s Law Enforcement Emergency Contact information is also accessible via the portal.


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Please note that you must register separately for the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service, the Enhanced Law Enforcement Platform (ELEP) service or the ELEP Clearinghouse. All services require separate registrations.



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