January 02, 2018
Bridgewater, N.J. – January 3, 2018 – iconectiv, the next Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for all U.S. regions, reminds law enforcement agencies and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that would like to continue having access to number portability data to register with iconectiv immediately. Registration is required and free for the new system, which goes into production and replaces the existing system on March 4, 2018.
November 01, 2017
What NENA members need to know about IVR and ELEP
May 17, 2017
Where does onboarding stand? More than half of current NPAC users have started registration and are preparing for the transition. We encourage unregistered users to begin the registration process as soon as possible. The success of the transition is dependent on full industry participation.
May 17, 2017
10. Registration for the iconectiv NPAC is underway. Registration has begun for all NPAC user groups and more than half have already started registration. Please visit www.numberportability.com and click “Get Started” to register if you have not already done so.
August 08, 2016
PISCATAWAY, N.J. – August 9, 2016 – iconectiv and the North American Portability Management LLC, (NAPM) have signed the Master Services Agreements (MSA) for each of the seven U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) regions, officially establishing iconectiv as the next Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) in all U.S. regions. This follows the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcement last month.
July 24, 2016
PISCATAWAY, N.J. – July 25, 2016 – iconectiv, announced today that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has provided final approval of the contract for iconectiv to serve as the new Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for all seven of the U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) regions.
May 24, 2016
Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission today conditionally approved a recommendation that Telcordia Technologies Inc. serve as the next administrator of the service that allows consumers and businesses to keep their phone numbers when switching carriers, called “local number portability.”